Temporarily unavailable news sites

The Web sites of some Gannett newspapers in New Jersey — the Asbury Park Press, the Home News Tribune and the Ocean County Observer — are running this message above their top stories:

Due To Software Improvements, many of the IN JERSEY web sites will be temporarily unavailable after 12:00 pm on Saturday October 12th. The site will be completely restored by Sunday October 13th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

Would their print edition newspapers skip an entire day due to “software improvements”? News sites have a journalistic obligation to be available 24/7/365, even during planned maintenance. The “dead end” sign on the little animated under-construction graphic says it all. I guess anyone at these papers with a clue about the Web is permanently — not just temporarily — unavailable.

Comment by Adrian, posted October 11, 2002, 12:04 am

Nice comment system, my friend, but it looks mighty familiar. :-)

I like the idea of offering <EM> as an allowed tag...I might have to steal that idea to make things even.

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